Wrexham Council currently has a dog control and dog fouling PSPO which cover the entire County Borough. It is due for renewal as it ends on 1st March 2020. The intention is to renew and update the current PSPO covering the County Borough.

The existing dog fouling requirements for owners to remove their dog’s faeces forthwith from public areas, the exclusion zones for dogs on bowling greens, marked sports pitches and  play areas (apart from owners with assisted dogs) , the dogs on a lead by direction which allows an Authorised Officer to instruct owners to place and keep a dog on a lead when necessary, dogs to be on a lead on public roads and pavements and to be kept on a lead around defined areas of parks such as visitor centres and car parks will all continue.  

In addition it is proposed to include a condition that requires a person who is in control of a dog, to be carrying an appropriate receptacle or bag to remove their dog’s faeces forthwith.

We are therefore contacting you as part of the required consultation process, we encourage you to look at the prohibitions suggested in the enclosed order and would be interested in your views on the matter.

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