Difficult Decisions 2019/20

Our current position

Wrexham Council has a track record of making cuts - £33.8m in the last five years and nearly £60m since the economic crisis began in 2007/08.  Over ¾ of these have been achieved with minimal impact on the majority of the public and without having to drastically reduce the range of services we provide. 

However we are now at the stage where we are having to reduce these services (i.e. a tipping point).  The money that UK and Welsh Government gives to us (which is about ¾ of our entire funding) is already below the Welsh average per person, alongside this we have kept our council tax low and we are now facing increasing demand for services such as children and adult’s social care. 

We have been lobbying the Government, along with other Welsh Local Authorities, for a fairer proportion of their overall budget.  But unfortunately we found out in early October that we have not received enough funding to allow us to meet all of our budget pressures for 2019/20, and this leaves us with budget risks for 2020/21.  Therefore we have to find an additional £9m this year to balance our books.  In addition, we cannot afford to take our eyes off the future, as even if we do everything we are proposing in this document, we anticipate we will still need to make further savings of around the same amount in 2020/21. 


Our approach to the budget for 2019/20 and 2020/21

We had anticipated that with a fair settlement from Welsh Government, we would be able to manage the 2019/20 budget without having major impacts on the services that you feel are important.  We wanted to propose a number of ways in which, if we all pulled together and played our part, we could continue to support essential services.   For example, we have been reviewing our senior management structure, and ensuring that our services work as efficiently as they possibly can.  We therefore want to ask you as residents to consider an increase in council tax and some changes to our waste, library and school transport services, so that we can help to support adults' and children's social care. 

Due to the unfair settlement we have received from Welsh Government, we are now also going to have to consider significantly reviewing our services throughout the following year and beyond.