Wrexham Adult Social Care Commissioning Strategy 2018-23

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Why are we doing this?: 

Over the last year, the Adult Social Care Department have been working hard to develop its Commissioning Strategy, which sets out our vision for care and support services for the next five years. The Strategy has been the result of a great deal of engagement with staff, partners, providers, and importantly the people who use our services and their carers; which I hope many of you will have had the opportunity to be involved with.


The enclosed strategy is the product of these conversations. It reflects our understanding of what the people who use our services have told us they want. However, it acknowledges the considerable financial pressures faced by the Department.


The changes and service developments outlines in this Commissioning Strategy are some of the things that will help us to deliver the savings we are required to make.


What do we want to know?: 

We would be grateful for your feedback on the Strategy, and whether you feel it adequately reflects what our priorities for service development should be over the next five years.


Enclosed alongside the Strategy is a short questionnaire, which I would be grateful if you could spare the time to answer and return to the email address below



Start date15 October 2018
End date15 November 2018
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LL11 1AR
Jo WardPhone: 01978 298611
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