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Shared values for the play workforce

Why are we doing this?: 

Wrexham’s second Play Sufficiency Assessment identified significant differences in the way individual adults support or constrain children’s play. By exploring the underlying reasons for this it became clear that the way in which people think about childhood (in particular its purpose) has a profound impact on their approach to working with and on behalf of children and their play. It is also likely that professional development opportunities based on different understandings of childhood will promote significantly different messages to practitioners. As a consequence Wrexham’s 2016/17 Play Sufficiency Action Plan included an action to: “develop and agree a set of guiding principles that can be used to underpin professional development opportunities for the play workforce”. The ‘play workforce’ is defined by Welsh Government as anybody whose role has a direct or indirect impact on children’s opportunities for play.


What do we want to know?: 

We would like to know whether people think we have these shared values right - whether we are missing anything or there's anything we should change.

Start date01 November 2017
End date13 December 2017

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