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Why are we doing this?: 

The Council is undertaking this consultation in order to try and understand why there is so little interaction with the Council's services in Welsh and why the take up of services through the medium of Welsh is low and disappointing despite the Council providing opportunities, particularly online, for people to communicate in Welsh. The results will help the Council to  identify what the  barriers are, our residents'  habits with regard to the use of social media  and accessing information about the Council through the medium of   Welsh.  The results  will help us better understand   how our Welsh speaking residents want to be communicated with and the methods they prefer.

What do we want to know?: 

It is particularly timely to undertake this consultation now as the Council has been operating its Welsh Language Standards for over 18 months. The previous survey was undertaken 2 years ago, just before the introduction of the Standards, and the results to this consultation will allow the  Council to see what, if any, improvements have been made and whether their introduction has increased the use of Welsh when people are contacting the Council and in their everyday lives.

Start date21 December 2018
End date11 February 2019
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LL11 1AR
Stephen Jonesstephen.jones@ wrexham.gov.ukPhone: 01978 297180
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